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college athletes should get paid because of how a handful of college athletes are dealing with multiple social issues. for example, in "the price of povertyin big time college sport" "duke basketball players were valued at $1,025,656 while living only $732 above the poverty line". college athletes :: essays research papers - The scholarships given to college athletes are not sufficient enough to sustain them throughout the year, which is why I believe they should get paid and receive benefits. Student athletes, especially football and basketball players, play a major role in generating revenue for schools, businesses, coaches and the players do not see a penny.

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College athletes should get paid because they make money for their school but get barely anything in return, they spend more time on the field than in classrooms, and lastly coaches earn millions a year and players who work hard are not rewarded. There are many different views on this topic and I hope I helped you pick one. Should College Athletes Get Paid? essays Should College Athletes Get Paid? essays Millions of people watch sports every day. College Sports are very important to society and college players should not get paid. Growing up it is every athletes dream to make money playing the sport they love. Rough Draft of Persuasive Essay | writing100010 Compensating College Athletes Over the past few decades, college athletics have gained immense popularity across the United States. Whether it be football, basketball, or hockey, ever since the turn of the century, intercollegiate sports have brought in a surplus of revenue to their respective Universities, as well as increasing the popularity of the College's reputation. … free essay on Should College Athletes Be Paid? | Sample Term ...

College athletes should be paid their due for a number of reasons. The NCAA should pay student athletes because it can do it. According to polls among economists, there are no financial factors that prevent the NCAA from paying their athletes.